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Baba Black Sheep

My Sanity went sky-diving and had an accident...

10/10/04 12:17 pm

What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnMarch 5, 2010
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Oh my God how did they Know?!

9/30/04 04:04 pm

I updated to a Red-and-orangey-pink look. I like it better then the green, I must say.

9/30/04 07:44 am

Linkie to High Rez ROTK EE Images:

9/29/04 09:55 pm

GP was my home for awhile, and I absolutely loved it there. But now it has excluded me. I know it wan't personal or anything and I can try again in a month, but I dont know if I have the heart for it. My and Rena might be starting a board, which would be neat. But I miss the people on GP, even if I did feel discluded sometimes. And guess what's on the one ring! A wuffley preview of ROTK EE. Since we have to wit til december it is so cool they showed us SOMETHING. The menu looks so cool. Speaking of cool, there is LOST.

LOST! What can I say?! Awesomeness. In completeness. I miss GP. But Im afraid I wont be able to go back. I'm going to keep trying.

IM GOING TO NY! Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Carnagie Hall, and Broadway! HERE I COME! YAY! And the EE is coming out on the 14th. So life is looking up. Except for the fact I cant figure out how to break up with Jon. I mean, I still want to be friends but Im afraid he doesn't want to be just friends. Yeah. Well.

So Cons: Gym

No more GP

Breakup inevitable

High School Crud

Pros: New Message Board(maybe)

New York

EE Piccies

Soild Release date


Alright, Life isn't so forlorn. At least I'm not bi-polar. That wouldn't be fun. Even If I get depressed sometimes I would never actually follow through with suicide. At least not yet. Whoa, too cynical. That sounds worse then I meant it too. Now I shall leave you with the scary loop quote.

"The loops' been running for 16 years!"

"Guys, Where are we?"

OH! And: "I heard you yell Jack. My name's Charlie by the way."

AND: "Does anyone know how to use a Gun?"

"I think you pull the trigger."

Ahh, everyone's favorite Druggie. Charlie the Dom.

9/18/04 08:43 pm

Frodo is your Dream Date

What LoTR Character Are You?

You are frodo</a>

Frodo Baggins was the Ring Bearer of the Fellowship, having inherited the Ring from his uncle Bilbo.

Frodo Baggins

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Frodo, Hobbit, heir of Bilbo and humble keeper of the One Ring.

In the movie, I am played by Elijah Wood.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

You can now look forward to a nice, quiet life in the peaceful countryside of the Shire where you will spend your days eating, sleeping, drinking, eating, gazing deeply into Frodo's eyes, and eating.

But don't be surprised if your hubby sometimes gets a far-off look in his enormous eyes... or if he says he sometimes feels utterly alone (which really irritates you because you're sitting right there, in case he hadn't noticed)... or if he sometimes slips and calls you "Precious," even though he knows it freaks you out the way he extends the s at the end...
You are Frodo Baggins
You are Frodo Baggins!

Frodo lives a peaceful life in the Shire until he is unfortunate enough to inherit the ring from his Uncle Bilbo. Frodo is determined to destroy the ring and defeat the Dark Lord. Though the thought of this scares him out of his wits, he still marches forth bravely into Mordor with his faithful friend and servant Sam.

9/9/04 07:00 pm

I hate high school

9/1/04 03:49 pm

Voila! Much Spiffier. I took that picture myself. Ah, the wonders of digital camera's and see-through pens. It looks "artisy" but it hardly is. Speakingof pictures, I took a whole ton. Let me show!
Odds and Ends, some rather spiffyCollapse )

9/1/04 02:59 pm

Gah, I feel no need to explain myself to a journal, so I won't. But I will yell this for hope Coco will read such. WHERE ARE YOU!*cries*
I (heart) GP! You must visit there if your head has been knocked too hard on several occasions, you absolutely love lord of the rings, and you love Elijah Wood and Dom Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, and Orli Bloom, and you enjoy being loony. I've only been a member for a month(though I lurked for six) but already that great group has accepted me with open arms(or so I think, unless they are holding out on me). If your looking for me there, I am Hobbity Shoe Supply(dont ask). I am called Waffle, teller of random stories, owner of Gavin; the Elijah Wood twin and One Janitor. Maybe you've seen Bagginses.com already. But if you haven't, take a look, I beg you.
Elijah's Grey Panthers.
Speaking of Dom Monaghan, I have devloped a new fetish. Im getting Lost on ABC on September 22! Who's with me!?
Im going to revamp my LJ. This one is getting boring.
I forgot why I was posting in the first place. My aunt and uncle are splitting up. I dont know tha whole story, except my Aunt is taking the Cousins I love to nelson, and I've heard rumors of abuse. Again, it may sound dorky, but I ask anyone who cares, read's my LJ, and prays, to pray for their family, and my family.
Its also my Bro's birthday. *shrugs*

8/21/04 03:05 pm

The door is now opened! I've made all the kiddies a little tutorial about how to get in there(its a picture one, basically formed from Mugglenet. But some people like pictures!) Warning, it has MAJOR SPOILERS for I reveal the tidbit at the end of the maze, for those way to lazy to find this all out themselves.

A step by step guide for the stupid(like myself)Collapse )

8/14/04 10:49 pm

I cant decide really. I cant think of what I should do. Its so hard. I still want to be friends and all, but kissing him sounds really icky now. Is it because he is making me wait so long? I dont know... I dont know...
Sorry for that confusing statement:D
I've transfered to Lord of the Rings fandom lately. From H/Hr(still strong, but more intensity on LOTR)Been more enthused then usual. I joined the GP's!!!*dances and w00ts*
Im writing a novel. Seriously *giggles*. I've abandoned fanfiction for now... Im not inspired to complete my story so far(especially because I lost the rest of my manuscript...)
I saw the Bumblebee flies anyways, and its been promoted to one of my favorite movies off all time!

The Bumblebee flies anyway(again)
Deep Impact
re-re-re-re-re*etc*watch LOTR again
PoA again
13 going on 30
Mean Girls
(any Elijah wood movie I can lay my hands on)

Books I wish to read:
The Bumblebee flies anyway
Lord of the rings(for the seventh time in two years(not bad))

Things I wanna do:
Work on my "novel"
Figure out how to take scenes from DVD's
Finish Fellowship movie project(at least the hobbits)
Clothes shopping
Supply Shopping
Haunt GP
Quit Guild

Im going to camp this week. Spend some time alone in figuring out how to dump Jonathan, but not dump him(change, perhaps? Make him not love me anymore? Not be mean... god I need help)
*sings the words to Let it be by the Beatles which she just freakily knew the words to the first time she heard it(Im not kidding. I swear*crosses eyes and hopes to die*))
I ask for prayers(from those who are listening) about me and Jon...(from those who pray and dont find me stupid asking this)
Starting high school in 3 fricking week*screams and dies*...
*sinks back into depression and daydreams of Elijah Wood's hotness and thudworthy eyes, and the Awesomeness of LOTR*
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